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15 October 2009


Interested in the Nigeria point, as this crops up in my work time and time again. Most definitions of feature film include the stipulation that a FF is shot on 35mm, is a minimum of 60 mins long, and is intended for theatrical release. Most Nigerian productons are shot as soap operas and, as cinema as we know it doesn't really exist (as you point out, they are video theatres) and they are shot on non-cinematic formats, I dont believe that these are feature films. They may have a large video production industry but that is very different.

The digital production point is also very interesting and related. Digital video can replace these very low format productions, so some film agencies have introduced a minimum budget level criteria for being assessed as a feature film. If all countries included the output that Nigeria does to come up with the number of films produced, they would no longer be anywhere near second-largest film production sector in the world.

Looked at another way, if we assess the size of a film sector by the investment into feature films, once again, Nigeria would be pretty low down on the list of film industries. This is nothing against Nigeria and its film industry (Nollywood, as it is known), but we need to compare like with like.

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