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First of all, thanks for all the hard work to make this blog happen. It is a great portal for trend research in world film.

I also think it is great that the European Audiovisual Observatory makes the Focus reports every year. A great source of compiling the various strands of info out there. I am an avid reader and appreciate they distribute it out free - whereas similar types of info from Screen Digest is very expensive (I do appreciate it is their business however!).

However, I must admit, I do have a slight problem with how they make direct comparisons between countries without detailing how - especially the EU countries - have different cut-offs and interpretations in their definitions of a film. They should also detail how each country defines a film listed in their production numbers. A couple of examples:

- The UKFC defines a film as having a budget over £0.5 million, is that how France does it, or do they have a lower threshold? Does France have 'TV' movies / docs / etc. in their figures? I am guessing France will have made more films than the UK - just logic dictates that - but the reported difference in Focus for 2008 between the two is over 138 films. I cannot see that being the case.
- Also, how can they be certain that EU co-productions are not counted twice - e.g. a France / Germany co-production.

Anyway, they should also include a set of notes to help determine, or substantiate, they are comparing like for like - especially between the big six EU countries. The numbers for China and India are also suspect, how low a budget do those countries go in their definition?

Any verification you know of that can be made as to how the major EU countries define a 'feature film' which was used in the numbers?

All the best. JC

Thanks for the post!

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